Introducing Sheer Aesthetics!


Lip Filler

Adds volume and shape to redefine your lips.

$750+ (Base Price)


Renew lost volume using cheek filler to contour and enhance the face.

$1495 (Base Price) (If 3rd Syringe is Purchased $100 Off)

Under Eye/Tear Trough

Add volume under the eyes and reduces dark circles/bags using tear trough filler for a renewed look.

$750 (Base Price)

Smile Lines

Add volume to smile lines creating a refreshed look.

$650 (Base Price)


Balance and redefine the jawline and chin using strategically place filler for a naturally defined look.

$1995 (Base Price)

Sheer Studio sheer aesthetics Dermal Filler Injection for Cheeks
Sheer Studio sheer aesthetics liquid rhinoplasty service image

Liquid Rhinoplasty

Nonsurgical nose job achieved by adding filler to the bridge and the tip of nose.

$800 (Base Price)

Sheer Studio sheer aesthetics neurotoxins/botox service image


Used to treat wrinkles and fine lines.

Add on syringe is $100 off


Botox $13+/unit

Dysport $13+/unit


Facial Balaning Package

Lips – $750

Cheeks (2) – $1495

Smile Lines – $650

Total – $2895

Package Base Price - $2500

Glow Up Package

40 Units of Botox to FH/Glabella – $520

Lips – $750

Cheeks (2) – $1495

Total – $2765

Package Base Price - $2400

Kiss Me

Lips – $750

Lip Flip – $150

Total – $900

Package Base Price - $825

Sheer Studio sheer aesthetics special packages image

Look & Feel Beautiful

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